Commercial Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Commercial Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Our employees must pass criminal background and drug screening prior to hiring. Our training program, along with the values and mission of our business, are designed to assure our customers technicians who are dedicated to going above and beyond your expectations. Through communication and teamwork, we can clean your office exactly the way you like, completely and consistently. And we use the latest technology, equipment and methods to do the job right the first time. After all, your office doesn't just make a statement to your staff. It makes a statement to your guests and customers.

Carpet-overhead that's underfoot

Carpet is a major investment for any commercial property. Regularly scheduled cleaning by ServiceMaster SouthWest professionals will extend your carpet's life and help prevent:

  • Matting
  • Discoloration
  • Fading
  • Fraying
  • Premature replacement

Typically, carpets are deep cleaned just once a year, with spot cleaning and traffic lane cleaning in between. This lets soil build up, damaging fibers and ruining the look and feel of the carpet. Plus, unsightly traffic patterns develop over time.

Regular care. Predictable costs.

ServiceMaster SouthWest's monthly carpet care program prevents all this. Consistent, regular carpet care by our professionals means longer carpet life and less frequent and costly replacement.

Regular preventive maintenance means predictably monthly payments. That way, you can eliminate hidden and surprise costs that won't overwhelm your maintenance budge.

What are the benefits of ServiceMaster SouthWest's programmed carpet care: It will:

  • Maintain the color and texture of your carpet
  • Extend the life of your carpet investment
  • Reduce wear, especially in high-traffic areas
  • Promote a consistent appearance
  • Provide regular spot cleaning
  • Use the best practices in carpet care
  • Project a professional corporate image
  • Ensure a healthy work environment

ServiceMaster SouthWest professionals follow procedures recommended by carpet manufacturers to design a carpet maintenance program that meets your specific needs.

ServiceMaster SouthWest - the leader in carpet care

For over 55 years, the ServiceMaster Clean® network of highly trained, thoroughly screened specialists has led the carpet cleaning industry in customer satisfaction. Our commitment to quality will exceed your expectations, and the expectations of those you serve.

We use proprietary products, cutting-edge practices and the latest equipment to better serve you and ensure your satisfaction. That's why thousands of businesses worldwide rely on us to deliver the highest level of clean.

Local access. Nationwide resources.

We use our expertise and resources to transform ordinary tasks into extraordinary service. Our carpet cleaning teams are handpicked for their ability to do the job right the first time.

Whatever your industry - healthcare, education, government, hospitality, property management, manufacturing, or more - ServiceMaster SouthWest can improve your business environment. We're committed to your satisfaction. Nothing less will do.

Ask us about our green cleaning options!


It doesn't take long for fabric furnishings to accumulate dirt. Our technicians use special products, equipment and methods to keep your upholstery clean. Initial vacuuming, spot treatment, shampooing and frame polishing are among our services.

Hard Surface Floor Cleaning

Hard surfaced floors, whether old or just heavily trafficked can still look like new. Through research and field experience, we've developed numerous programs to care for marble, vinyl, ceramic, quarry tile, wood and other floor surfaces, using advanced equipment and materials. We can even remove some minor scratches, and offer state -of-the-art processes for industries with heightened sanitization needs.

Hard surface floor care includes, but may not be limited to:

  • Superior clean and shine
  • Reduced wear on floor surfaces
  • Faster and more efficient regular cleaning
  • Dust-free burnishing
  • Enhanced slip resistance